Our Korting family comes from the western part of Germany and the eastern part of Netherlands. It seems that our oldest family members come from Wesel, Germany.


Other  family names prominent in the family tree include Overfield (Overfeld), Wildman, Trout, Kreutz, Weiner, Hensler (Henseler? from Germany), Kocks, Klaessen, Nash (Knaisch from Bieringen, Wurttemberg, Germany), Munday, Musgrove, Viola, Pufahl, Kocks.

Some often mentioned locations in the family tree include Columbus Ohio, Saginaw Michigan, Corning Ohio, Kapellen (Capellen) Germany (DE),  Sonsbeck Germany, Eindhoven Netherlands (NL), Amersfoort NL, Uedem DE, Wesel DE, and Krefeld, DE.

On the family tree of Deborah Malisher (Malicher) Korting, the family names include Hanulik, Bohacik and Killian. The Malisher (Malicher) family is from Predmeer Slovakia and Turzovka Slovakia, near Zilina Slovakia.

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